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I'm Seth.

I'm a Brooklyn kid who spent my summers at Shea Stadium and Coney Island and started my career in professional wrestling.

I was editor in chief of my college newspaper for literally 15 minutes. I made my professional broadcasting debut at Yankee Stadium, and I once went home from Madison Square Garden with the actual World Heavyweight Championship.

I have driven cross country nine times (including one trip from New York to Los Angeles AND BACK to adopt a senior rescue dog!) and have been to 48 of the 50 states. And there were cardboard cutouts of me at baseball stadiums in three different time zones in 2020.

I'm a hybrid of a designer, a storyteller, a marketer, a metrics guy, an executive producer ... and an inventor. 

You've never met anyone like me. I see things differently. Very differently. That  makes me someone who can help take your brand to a place you never dreamed possible.

I'm not scared of change; I lean into it. Anything worth doing is going to be scary. 

So, let's talk.

About Me: About Me
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